Grant Funding

The PCMA Education Foundation was formed in 1985 for the express purpose of supporting the educational programs and research activities of PCMA. Throughout its life, the Foundation has developed numerous outstanding educational offerings and solutions, funded scholarships, and has granted funds for important industry research.  

Proposal due dates are March 31, July 30, and November 30. Applications and accompanying documents must be received on or before the due date. Early submissions are encouraged. Any requests after the deadline will be held until the next deadline for consideration. 

Grants are awarded three times annually. Proposals are evaluated by the PCMA Education Foundation Grant Review Committee. After review by the committee, an application is either recommended to the PCMA Education Foundation Board of Trustees for approval of funding, rejected, or postponed for more information.  The Board will make funding decisions at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The application’s contact person will be notified by mail within thirty days of a decision.

Once a grant is awarded, a Grant Funding Agreement will be issued by the PCMA Education Foundation. 

The funding schedule will correspond with the schedule of progress reports of the grantee.

Grants will be evaluated by the PCMA Grant Review Committee and recommended for Board of Trustees approval based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the PCMA Education Foundation Mission  
  • Alignment with PCMA’s Strategic Plan
  • Ability to translate into key takeaways
  • Expected metrics and industry impact
  • Meeting the needs of the PCMA membership or industry (see examples)

The median grant amount for projects funded in recent years is $20,155 falling into a complete bell curve range of approximately $5,000‐$50,000 and a normal range of approximately $10,000‐$25,000. Larger projects may sometimes be funded in phases or shared through the Convention Industry Council (CIC) which represents 32 meetings industry organizations.

What We Do Not Fund
The PCMA Education Foundation does not fund projects that benefit an individual’s personal matters, any commercial and/or financial interests, venture capital proposals, capital improvements, business equipment or supplies, endowments or other projects/initiatives that do not align with PCMA’s Strategic Plan.  

Who is Eligible?
Applicants must be professionally or academically involved in the meetings and hospitality industry or at a university with an accredited hospitality/meetings program.  

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