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January 2013

After Jerry Sandusky

By Katie Kervin, Assistant Editor
corrective steps aren't seen as genuine. Even the brutal self criticism of those who failed to protect an injured child — which sometimes can be even harsher than the external judgments - do little to calm the rage and disdain from those of us standing on the sidelines.

I heard stories over lunch from Penn State staff members who'd never even met Jerry Sandusky who were subjected to repeated tirades, insults, and threats because of their connection to the institution. They were deemed guilty by association, casualties of “us and them” thinking. …

Here was the Penn State community working to identify and to understand its failings and to take responsibility for the harm that individuals experienced. As one who believes in firm accountability for actions or inactions that hurt children, I'm not easily snowed. I was impressed during my two days in State College with the Penn State community's promise to acknowledge and learn from its mistakes and to share those lessons with others who are in a position to prevent further harm and move toward healing.

Read Peter Pollard's full blog post, “Two Days in the Storm.” 

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